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The World of Tel’aran

The world of Tel’aran is contained within a large body of water. The water is nearly pure acid now and makes travel impossible. There are 5 islands within this body of water and they travel to one another via airship. Each island has its own ruling faction, but they rely heavily on each other to survive each island offering something the other does not. This reliance on each other has built an unstable peace between each of the islands. This peace has lasted 300 years or as long as recorded history for the 5 lands.

• Further History
As far as any historian has figured the World of Tel’aran was not always restricted to the 5 islands. There were many different lands and vessels that were able to sail the waters of the world. The airship was an adaptation of these vessels and has been in use since the waters were turned to acid. No one knows as of yet why the waters turned to acid. Was it natural or was it a byproduct of something the people of the land did to themselves.
Very little is known about the great grass lands beyond the waters of the 5 islands. Some call it the great grass sea while others just call it the lost lands. It is un-map able due to the lack of any point of navigation. No stars, moon, or sun is visible in all of Tel’aran. There are no land marks to speak of and no magnetic north to plot direction.

• Creatures of Tel’aran
Tel’aran is limited in the creature variety you would expect to see in the world. The Dragon Born speak of dragons that live in their peeks on Gilesh, but no one has ever seen them to verify they are real. All races speak of dragons and other great monsters in their lore, but few are seen in Tel’aran. The island of Harr has the largest variety of creatures and the elves that live there have many stories and lore that involve a much broader scope of beasts and monsters. The elves of Harr hold many secretes about the land prior to the Acid Waters, but share this knowledge with no one. Their long lives may be the sole reason for this knowledge to be preserved.


Gods do not play a large role in the average life of the people of Tel’aran. The Deli-abaians are the most devout of all the peoples due to their peaceful teachings. The Dragon Born believe in the 10 dragons and the Elven religion is based solely on nature. The Golden Empire is so repressed that there is no real existence of religion to speak of.

The One God – The One God is the most commonly taught religion on Tel’aran. It teaches of one being that protects and shelters the people from the Void. The great darkness that attempted to swallow mankind and was only stopped due to the Gods Pillars of Hope. Beyond that one segment of the religion any historical information is unknown. The teachings are of simple goodness and the care for others. It is the backbone of the Deli-abaian way of life and the reason for the passive nature.

The Draconic 10 – The Dragon born of Gilesh believe that great elder Dragons of the 5 colors and 5 metals were the creators of all things. That they gave birth to the races of Tel’aran and sculpted the lands and seas. That each of the 5 metal dragons created one of the 5 Islands. That each of the 5 color Dragons created the races of Tel’aran. There are of course more than 5 races but the Dragon born tend to forget that a Dwarf is not a Gnome, or a Halfling.

Red Dragon – Creator of Gilesh
White Dragon – Creator of Deli-aba
Blue Dragon – Creator of the Pinnacle
Green Dragon – Creator of Harr
Black Dragon – Creator of the Golden Empire
Gold Dragon – Creator of Dragon Born
Silver Dragon – Creator of Elves
Bronze Dragon – Creator of Humans
Brass Dragon – Creator of Dwarves
Copper Dragon – Creator of Orcs

This of course leaves out the creation of the lands around the 5 islands and the waters itself. Also what of all the other races that live on the 5 islands that were not included in their beliefs.

The Void – The void is the great evil that corrupted the land before The One God saved mankind with the Pillars of Hope. All that is known is the Void is pure evil brings darkness and chaos to the world. That horrible creatures walked the lands before The One God saved us all. The only believers of the Void that still exist are the Dark Elves that reside in the Crystal Pits.

Island of Gilesh

The Island of Gilesh is very mountainous and is the source of all metals in the 5 islands. The more robust and hardy creatures of Tel’aran live on Gilesh. This is a harsh and unforgiving land to live in and other than the metals it provides it lacks the land needed to grow food. There is the largest source of fresh water due to the snow melt from the mountains.
• Races – Dwarves, Dragon Born, Humans, Gnomes, and Half Orcs
• Towns
o Titan is the only town accessible on the island of Gilesh. There are others but the Dragon Born are the only ones able to reach it. Titan is a huge underground fortress were all the mining takes place. Parts of Titan are completely un-mapped and many have gotten lost in its numerous caverns. Only the Dwarves seem to have a natural sense of where they are going in the deep mountainous caves.
• Resources
o All known metals
o Largest exporter of fresh water to Deli-aba
o Manufacturer of tools and basic weapons
o Fighters Guild One of three locations
• Ruler
o Titan is ruled by the Iron Hammer clan and its council. All citizens of Titan pay a tax to the Iron Hammer clan to support Titans basic needs. The people of Gilesh are very happy with the current system as they are aware.
o Gilesh representative for the Council of 5 is Ulgar Iron Hammer
 A Master Artisan who became a great merchant and traveled to all the islands. He earned his title and is favored above all other Pirate lords for his honestly and fairness.

Island of Deli-aba

The Island of Deli-aba is the only place the nutrient rich soil needed to grow food. The Deli-abaians use this food to feed the flocks of animals they raise that produces all the cloth the 5 islands need. Deli-aba is key to the core survival of all lands therefore they are the most peaceful of all the islands. The land is very hilly and the temperature of the island is very temperate and mild. The Deli-abaians are very peaceful and lack many of the fighting instincts of the other islands. The Deli-Abaians have long relied on the protection of the Pirate lords in keeping their peaceful lands intact.
• Races – Humans, Half-Elves, Halflings, Gnomes.
• Towns
o Shacaba is the capital of Deli-aba and is located on what would have been a natural port when the waters were not so acidic. There are only a few vessels that can withstand the acid waters and these travel between Shacaba and Tikos the port of Harr. Shacaba is the home of the holy church Lo and is led by the holy clerics. Shacaba means gathering place in the native Deli-abaian. It is a combination of the names of the three villages that make us the land.
o Shalo the north western town of Deli-aba is the main producer of cloth. The Sheppard’s of Shalo tend the flocks all across the island and sheer the wool from their bodies. They also create all the yarn and bolts of cloth needed around the 5 islands. Shalo means United Village
o Calo the north eastern town of Deli-aba is one of two main producers of the foods that the people of the 5 islands. Calo is only populated by farmers. Calo means Together Village.
o Balo the southern town of Deli-aba is the second of the food producing villages. It also is the second source of water for the 5 islands with the natural spring that provides clear and clean waters for the islands food production and enough to ship off to other islands.
• Resources
o Majority of food production for the 5 islands
o Majority of all clothing and other cloth production
o Second largest water exporter
• Ruler
o Church of Lo ensures that all is fair and peaceful within the borders of Deli-aba. There are three branches of the church of Lo.
 High Cleric – Currently not held
 Comptroller – This is a position of city management and is held by slightly corrupt Halfling named Don Piko.
 Holy Sheppard – This position is mostly in charge of all import and export from Deli-aba. The Holy Sheppard is currently a human named Carly Jacobs. Carly is kind and intelligent and treats her position with respect. She is honest and always strives to provide the best for her people. Carly was encouraged to be the Pirate lord for the Deli-abaians, but the Prior High Cleric took the position instead.
o Deli-aba’s representative for the council of 5 Tellana aba Shun
 A woman dedicated to peace she will always push for the greater good. She at one time led the faith of the Deli-abaians holy clerics. Tellana is active in the council openly pushing for peace, but sources say she may have hidden agendas.

Island of Harr

The island of Harr is one of the only sources for the large lumber needed for the 5 islands. The island is entirely covered in lush thick forest and high coastal cliffs. This land is populated mostly with elves and some humans. The people of this island are very mysterious and tend to not interact with the other islands for anything other than trade. There is only one port town and it is simply and lumber mill with a dock.
• Races – Elves and Humans
• Towns
o Tikos the only known village to exist is a port town and lumber camp. Tikos has the world’s only ships that can survive travel on the acid waters. They are built and only survive one trip to Shacaba and back to Tikos. Tikos is home to the only Human population on all of Harr they are used for little more than slave labor on the Island.
o All other Towns are unknown to the rest of the world and no information is available.
• Resources
o All lumber production comes from Harr
o Some exotic foods and spices
o Some liquor and special waters
o Limited weapon and armor craft
• Ruler
o The true ruler of Harr is unknown beyond that it is suspected to be an elf. Other rumors state that the true ruler is some sort of legendary creature but no evidence supports this rumor.
o Harr’s representative for the council of 5 is Melvin Silver Song.
 A Half Elf from Harr and the only part of the Elven Culture that will leave the Island. Pure blooded elves will not leave the woods. Melvin earned his fame and title when traveling the lands as a bard. His perfect voice blended with his knack for telling wondrous stories made him popular the world round. He has been a council member for over 10 years now and is suspected to actually be a powerful Wizard and not just some simple bard. No proof of this has been discovered.

Island of the Pirate Lords

Although the smallest of the 5 islands it is central and is the home of the Pirate Lords and trains the greatest of all the airship pilots. The Pirate Lords control all the trade between the 5 islands and this has been what in the past has kept the Empire from taking over the other islands. Now though the Pirate Lords have discovered the expeditions the Empire has taken into the never ending plains and has learned of what the Emperor has discovered. The Pirate Lords are made up of 5 representatives 1 from each of the islands. The Pirate Lords all share the leadership, but each does have their islands better interests in the forefront. The tower lord is the deciding vote and is only in charge of the Tower. Pirate Lords is a token title that has carried down from times when the Island was a home of cut throat thieves.
• Races – All
• Towns
o The Pinnacle is the only structure on the entire island. The Pinnacle is a tower of unmatched size. It reaches clear into the clouds and is a major airship port. All trade flows to the tower and is managed by the Pirate Lords. The tower is also a fortified position with cannons able to reach the coastlines of all but the empires island.
• Resources
o Center of trade
o Training schools
 Airship Pilots Guild
 Mages Guild
 Fighters Guild one of three locations
 Thieves Guild only known location
 Artisans Guild only a front for Gilesh’s true guild
 Merchants Guild former Pirates Guild
• Rulers
o The Pinnacle’s representative for the council of 5 is Carran Soul – Tower Lord
 A once notorious airship pirate Carran has taken leadership over the Lords only very recently. He won his position over Zelvin, but only just barely. Carran is The Lord that hired the heroes to investigate the Empire.
 Zelvin is the current airship commander and second in command of the tower.
o Harr’s representative for the council of 5 is Melvin Silver Song.
 A Half Elf from Harr and the only part of the Elven Culture that will leave the Island. Pure blooded elves will not leave the woods. Melvin earned his fame and title when traveling the lands as a bard. His perfect voice blended with his knack for telling wondrous stories made him popular the world round. He has been a council member for over 10 years now and is suspected to actually be a powerful Wizard and not just some simple bard. No proof of this has been discovered.
o Deli-aba’s representative for the council of 5 Tellana aba Shun
 A woman dedicated to peace she will always push for the greater good. She at one time led the faith of the Deli-abaians holy clerics. Tellana is active in the council openly pushing for peace, but sources say she may have hidden agendas.
o Gilesh representative for the Council of 5 is Ulgar Iron Hammer
 A Master Artisan who became a great merchant and traveled to all the islands. He earned his title and is favored above all other Pirate lords for his honestly and fairness.
o Empires representative for the council of 5 is Zeltamous Thorne
 The Brother of the Emperor, Zeltamous is a renowned warrior who is in charge of the elite airship troops of the Empire prior to his post as the Pirate Lord. Zeltamous continues to awe the people by winning duel after duel and has become the tower champion.

Island of the Empire of the Golden Sun

The largest of the 5 islands and the most industrious of them all. The empire is the home land of the coveted airships, but however lacks the wood and many other materials needed to build their airships. Harr provides the wood, Gilesh provides the metals they need for Propellers, and Deli-aba provides the strong durable cloth needed for the balloons for the airships. What the Empire does have is the magical gems used to build the flying engines to fly the airships. This dependence on each other has kept the lands at peace, but this peace is fading away due to the new Emperor and his greed to have all the control over the Islands.
• Races – All but in casts
o Humans elite or noble class
o Dwarves tradesmen or crafters
o Gnomes scientist or engineers
o Halflings spies and subterfuge
o Dark Elves Magic Craft
o Dragon Born Elite airship Warrior (Sorcerers)
o Half Orcs Slaves for the mines
o All other races unknown at this time
• Towns
o The Golden Capital is the main city for the Empire and is the center of all their political power. All airships are manufactured here along with all the weapons and armor.
o Halan is the only airship port that the rest of the world may use. Any ships that try to dock at the Empire will be shot down. Halan is the only town where the other races can visit without being placed in a cast.
o The Gem Pits are the source of all the magical gems the Empire uses for their machinery. Dark elves and their half orc slaves are the only ones allowed into the pits. The pits are surrounded by anti-air batteries and the majority of the Empires ground forces.
o The Empire also has two outposts on the coast of the great grass sea and is the point of contention for the Pirate Lords due to there is no clear ownership or ruling on who can use the great grass sea.
• Resources
o Magical Gem Craft
 Engine Gems
 Gun Gems (See unique equipment section)
o Arms and Armors
o Machinery
o Airships
o Soldiers
o Fighters Guild
• Rulers
o Kailus Thorne is the Emperor of the Golden Empire and is said to be a warrior with no equal not even his brother Zeltamous. Kailus is a viscous and ambitious ruler who has no interest in the wellbeing of his people only the continued growth of his power. Kailus is said to be one of the few to master swordsmanship and magic together.
o Halan has a city lord named Galach a half Dwarf half Gnome who is said to have such evil tendencies that only Kailus can keep him in check. He rules Halan with an Iron Fist and his soldiers patrol the town looking for any who might try to enter the Empire unwanted.
o The Gem Pits are controlled by the Dark Elf Queen Bellacordana. She is a dark warlock of great power and her demons are said to be the keepers of the pits and the providers of the Gems the half Orcs are slaved to retrieve and bring to the surface. Bellacordana is said to be nearly 300 years old and one of the few known to have lived around the beginning of recorded history. She is thought to be part of the reason for Kailus’s venture into the grass seas.

Special Equipment

• Guns are available and are made by the Golden Empire and are more common there. They use spell infused crystals to power their pullets. All shots are considered Magical, but still follow standard damage rules in the DM’s Guide. The crystals depending on the color have different effects, amount of shots, and damage.
o Who can use guns
 If the class has the option for light bow/crossbow proficiency then it can be exchanged for pistol proficiency.
 If the class has the option for bow/Heavy crossbow proficiency this it can be exchanged for rifle proficiency.
o Ammunition
 Standard Crystal – 50 shots
 Red – Burning 1d4 – 30 shots
 Blue – Shocking 1d4 or 1d6 if metal armor worn – 30 shots
 White/blue – Cold 1d4 (-1 to AC) – 30 shots
 Green – Poison 1d4 for 3 turns DC 10 – 20 shots
 Purple – Spell Damage prevents spell casting 1 turn DC 10 – 10 shots
 Black – Necrotic damage undead and demons immune 1D10 – 5 shots
 Clear – Healing 1D6+Spell Modifier – 20 Shots
 White – Holly Damage 1D10 vs undead/demons/evil – 5 shots

• Airships are a major part of Tel’aran and characters will use them often and might even eventually owning and manning their own ship. Here are the rules and options for Airships in Tel’aran.
o Airships have a few variable stats that players will have to keep in mind when using their ships.
 The AC of the airship breaks down into 4 groups
• Base AC of the airship plus any equipment modifiers
• -2 for holding still
• +1 for moving at standard or attack speed
• +2 for moving at max speed
 The speed of the airship break down into 4 groups
• Base movement speed
• Standard Movement speed is always +10
• Attack speed is +20
• Full speed is +30
 Airships get 12 equipment slots
• 10 are used by weapons
• 1 for AC improvement
• 1 for HP improvement
 HP for airships is base value based on class plus any equipment improvements
 Taking hits vs taking damage
• Each airship has a maximum number of hits it can take based on its class. All hits apply to the airships haul unless specified by the DM or a player attempts to make a specific shot.
o Balloon shots defending player gets +5 AC but if stuck causes the airship to take half its hits.
o Engine shots require a natural 20. A successful hit disables the airship.
 Keep in mind you have 5 shots per side to achieve this hit.
o Critical strikes count as 2 hits in the hit count if applied to the haul and do double damage.
• If an airship reaches 0 HP it is destroyed. If it reaches its max hits its incapacitated and must be repaired.
• If an airship has received more than half its max hits it moves at half speed and may have any number of disabled equipment slots.
• Each airship can hold a crew some are a single NPC that fills a role others are groups.
o Pilot- You are the Capitan, but you do not physically fly your airship unless you have the proficiency to do so.
 100gp to add a pilot to your ship
 200gp to add a pilot with Battle experience.
• All attack rolls get +1 due to steady and strategic flying
o 1st Mate- This is your second in command and is in charge of your ship when you are away.
 50gp to add a 1st Mate to your ship
 100gp to add a veteran 1st Mate gives you an elite Knight to aid you in combat. See MM:347
o Engineer- You are not required to have one but having one allows you to heal one haul wound per hour and 1D10 HP per hour. Staying one day at a port will heal your ship to max.
 100gp to add an engineer to your ship
 300gp to add a second doubling the engineer effects
o Medic- A medic on board means that you can count all travel onboard your airship as a long rest.
 50gp to add a medic
 100gp to add a second medic to double the medic effects
o Steward- The steward takes care of your ships inventory. This person can handle any trades needed to be conducted without the player controlling every sale.
 100gp to add a steward to your ship
 300gp to add a master of spies to your ship
o Crew- Each airship requires a crew to function. Each airship has a specific number of crew required to be on board to function.
 5gp to add a crew member to your ship
 Each wound you take has a DC18 chance to losing a crew member.
o Soldiers- Each airship has a max number of soldiers you can have on board to assist in defending or attacking other ships.
 50gp to add a soldier to your airship us Guard MM:347
o Mages- Some airships allow for a mage to be on board to improve weapon attacks
 500gp to add a mage to your airship
• Attacks do +5 damage
• Attacks have +3 to balloon strikes
• Attacks have 18-20 for engine called hits
o Archers- Some airships have archer positions on them for additional ranged attacks.
 150gp to add an archer to your airship
• 1D10 damage per archer
o Artillery- All airships require a minimum of 10 artillery crew members to function their guns. You may have more on some ships each gun with 2 artillery members gets a +1 to hit.
 50gp to add an artillery member to your airship
 75gp to add members beyond 10.
o Passengers is a blank box and can be written in as needed.
 Gain 10gp per passenger DC15 to gain a passenger.
 Max 5 passengers only one roll attempt per slot.

• The Airships

o Delita Class
 AC 10
 Speed 10
 Armaments 2
 HP 1,000
 Hits 10
 Max Hold 2,000lbs
 Crew
• Pilot
• Engineer
• Crew 4
• Artillery 4
• Passenger 1

o Ramza Class – 10,000 exp or 30,000gp
 AC 12
 Speed 20
 Armaments 4
 HP 2,000
 Hits 20
 Max Hold 4,000lbs
 Crew Improvements
• 1st Mate
• Medic
• Crew 6
• Soldiers 2
• Artillery MAX 8
• Passenger 2

o Strife Class – 30,000 exp or 60,000gp
 AC 14
 Speed 30
 Armaments 6
 HP 3,000
 Hits 30
 Max Hold 8,000lbs
 Crew Improvements
• Engineer 2
• Medic 2
• Crew 8
• Soldiers 4
• Archers 2
• Artillery MAX 12
• Passenger 3

o Enterprise Class – 90,000 exp or 120,000gp
 AC 16
 Speed 30
 Armaments 8
 Slot B
 HP 5,000
 Hits 50
 Max Hold 16,000lbs
 Crew Improvements
• Battle experienced Pilot
• Veteran 1st Mate
• Steward
• Crew 10
• Soldiers 6
• Archers 4
• Artillery MAX 16
• Passenger 4

o CID class “Class 1 Destroyer” – 200,000 exp or 500,000gp
 AC 18
 Speed 30
 Armaments 10
 Slot A
 HP 10,000
 Hits 100
 Max Hold 32,000lbs
 Crew Improvements
• Master of Spies
• Crew 20
• Soldiers 10
• Mages 1
• Archers 6
• Artillery MAX 20
• Passenger 5

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