Caran Soul

Leader of the Pirate Lords


Caran is the current leader of the Pirate Lords and runs the Pinnacle. He is a veteran fighter as a former Airship Pirate and Captain of the great C1D. He now does what he can from the Pinnacle to aid his selected heroes discover the truth behind the Golden Empire


Such a feared man becoming one of the most respected men in History. Who would have seen it other than the One himself.

~Tellana aba Shun – Former High Cleric Deli-abian representative on the Council of 5.

Caran was truly a man to be feared. No other could match his great C1D in the skies over Tel’aran. He ruled without ever ruling a soul. No one knows why exactly he gave up being Pirate and became the head of the Pirate Lords, but many a merchant is glad his Piracy is limited to trade agreements and not bloodshed in the skies.

Caran Soul

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